Group photo of We Run! Morgantown runners after a Joggers event.

About Us

We have come together as a network of fitness enthusiasts that strive to be better versions of ourselves. The best part is realizing that you don't have to do it alone. In six months, we have grown from a group of five members to over 300 strong. Come out and enjoy yourself and you will definitely find someone to connect with to drive you forward.

The mission of We Run! Morgantown is to promote physical activity, provide social connectedness, and support the running community in Morgantown. 


To fulfill this mission, we organize and participate in events such as the following:



West Virginia has the second highest rate of obesity in the United States. We would like to contribute to tackling this issue by providing free, or low-cost physical activity services to the residents of Morgantown. 

  • Group runs, or meeting up with other groups, such as Morgantown Running

  • Special running events: Joggers & Lagers, Bob Baker Mile, Mommy Miles, trail runs, and more to come

  • Intervals, hill work and long runs

  • Strengthening workouts including plyometrics, calisthenics, and other methods to strengthen running systems (we have many certified fitness professionals in our club who are willing to do this for free at the end of workouts!)



We are here to be more than just exercise buddies. We are here to create a warm and welcoming environment for everyone. If you come out to one of our workouts, you will see what we mean! You arrive as a stranger, but leave as a friend. We encourage you to get to that starting line. At the starting line, we cheer you on to try your best. At the finish line, we will celebrate your achievements with you. Post-race, we love going out to eat! 

  • We have partnered with Generation Morgantown to further connect with our community

  • We support the many local restaurants in Morgantown. Hungry runners love to eat! 

  • If you are reluctant to come out, meet up with us at one of our non-exercise events. This way we can introduce ourselves and we can help guide you before you even set foot on a track

  • Other community needs: If you are an organization that would like to partner with us in improving physical activity amongst Morgantown residents, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our "contact" page. 


As runners, we know that running events are the highlight of any runner's training program. As such, We Run! Morgantown will continue to provide support to running events in the area. We will participate as runners and volunteer our time at the races! 



We say to you: Run in the face of adversity. Run to become a better version of yourself. YOU are your biggest competitor. You will learn not only from yourself but all of us that are growing with you. Come out and see the smiles, nerves, and excitement. Come see the determination and the bond between runners. We have all felt the pain, fatigue, disappointment, and humility that comes along with this sport but we have also found the drive, energy, and motivation amongst us. More importantly we have felt the passion, love, and celebratory moments that have brought us all together.

We all run for different reasons. We are unique individuals but we are still connected through our passion. This gives us the desire to come back and challenge ourselves. This is our reward.

Come out to a safe environment where "safety in numbers" is an understatement.

This is what we truly love to do.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, we're always ready to welcome new members. Everyone is welcome, even the kids. Interested in becoming a member of the We Run! Morgantown family? Join us for a group run, group workout, or one of our social events, which are announced on our Calendar and on our Facebook page.

About The Board


Luke Pietrowski 

Luke Pietrowski at his maximum weight was 283. One day he decided that enough was enough and fell in love with group fitness at the WVU Recreation Center. After the recovery of a broken foot he decided to get back on track and joined local a local gym. After training he finally ran his first consistent mile at the age of 22. One day at work a coworker mentioned that he was running the Pittsburgh Marathon. Still overweight and untrained Luke thought it sounded like a good idea. At the marathon expo the inspiration was extraordinary. He fell in love with the passion of runners and was born a runner on May 4, 2014. It was there he was introduced to the Steel City Road Runners. Again he fell in love with the passion that people had for running in groups and how they prioritized their weekend long runs. Traveling up to Pittsburgh every weekend became tiresome however but he thought "How can I transplant this passion back home?". Through three years of networking and making connections with amazing people We Run! Morgantown is finally a display of that passion and it only continues to grow. Together we rise, together we fall, together we finish. 283 Lbs to 185.

Today, Luke has completed one half Iron Man, one 50 mile ultra-marathon, nine marathons, 11 half-marathons, two Ragnar relays, and ~30 3-10 mile races.

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Jaclyn Pietrowski 


Caitlin Thomas


Chris White


Reyna Vangilder


Erica Stewart


Mark Shepard