We are a social network of runners who share experiences, favorite runs, and use social media to organize events. People of all skill level attend and if you would like to get to know us before you hit the track come to one of our social events! We also work with Generation Morgantown, a networking group for young professionals, to further grow our social resources.


We organize many events such as group runs, interval workouts, and strength training. In addition we may add special events such as a kickball game, social dinner, and/or go out for dinner after one of our runs. It is all about being social and active in a non-judgemental environment.


Workouts take place on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis along with special events that are scheduled for the week. You can most likely find events on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday between the hours of 5:30 and 7 P.M. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to see what is going on!


Our workout locations vary by type but some of our favorite locations include WVU Track,  the WVU Recreation Center's Intramural Fields, the Morgantown Running Store, Tugboat Depot at JFK Memorial Park, and trail runs at Cooper's Rock. We have also hosted events from Mountain State Brewing Co., Gene's Beer Garden, Mundy's Place, and other local venues to support our homegrown community. See the "Event Locations" page to pinpoint some venues!


The best way to participate in our events is to follow We Run! Morgantown on Facebook. That way we can begin to get you know you. You can also submit an entry on the "Runner's Corral" page so that we can display Morgantown's running community with pride. A community calendar on the website is also in development for those who do not have social media. You can also follow us on Instagram to check out our group photos!