Inaugural Relay

On Saturday, November 17 2018 We Run! Morgantown hosted our first official race! Each team had four members and had to complete one mile as fast as possible. After you completed your mile you passed the baton to the next participant on your team and you continued until all four members completed the mile. The fastest team, along with the best team won.

In We Run! Morgantown we value accomplishing goals with each other. Anyone can run a 5k and push themselves to their limit, but your real strength lies in motivating others to do their best. We don't leave anyone behind and we want to see you succeed. All of the participants were amazing. A five year old and seven year old ran the mile as fast as their adult counterparts. We can't wait to see the amazing things that will happen next year!

Our Champion Teams:

1st Place Team: Bobby's World

Team Time: 26:30

Best Team: The Spice Girls

Team Time: 33:48

Team Unicorns

Team Time: 29:38

Tyler's Turtles

Team Time 31:48

Mountain Zoomers

Team Time: 30:18

Chicken Nuggets

Team Time: 32:34

Magnificent Beasts

Team Time: 32:38

Our Sponsors:

Provided an Insurance Policy to Secure the Venue

Donated the timing device to keep track of runners

Donated four $5 gift cards

Donated four $5 gift cards

Donated four $5 gift cards

Donated two free fishbowls (Adults Only)

Donated THREE teen nightglow and THREE free jump passes

Donated four COLLECTORS EDITION Short Story mugs and four $5 gift cards

Chef Donnie Orr, Owner of Nutrifit Foods WV

"No Effort Nutrition" Chef/Athlete Owned

Donnie provided the aid station which included home-made no sugar doughnuts, home-made packaged nuts, electrolyte water, and pepperoni rolls.

Chef of We Run! Morgantown

You can find out more about his meal prep services at:

Don't forget the people who work behind the scenes to create Morgantown's unique running environment!

Thank You to everyone who made this possible. Train up and we will see you in 2019!

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